The AR-TAKEDOWN Tool was an absolute sucess for its official release @ Shot Show 2022 in Las Vegas

by ARTakeDownTool Admin on Jun 02, 2022

The AR-TAKEDOWN Tool was an absolute sucess for its official release @ Shot Show 2022 in Las Vegas

AR-Takedown Tool Voted Number 1 New Invention at Shot Show 2022

Tool is lauded as a novel all-in-one device to completely disassemble ARs Spokane, Washington — The AR Takedown Tool has been voted the number 1 new invention at Shot Show 2022. Its ingenious design has been described as the only tool any AR enthusiast needs to completely disassemble their rifle quickly and easily. The design is the size of a pen, making it simple to include in a case or even a pocket, and it replaces pivot pin tools, punches, and mallets. As a result, it's possible to completely strip an AR in the field in less than a minute. "The AR-Takedown tool was an absolute success at Shot Show 2022. What a great weekend to meet some amazing new friends, people, businesses, and LE/military organizations," said a spokesperson. "It's thrilling to know that the tool will be used around the world to ensure people will use our tool and our upcoming tools much more than they even know." The AR-Takedown Tool is completely made in the United States from U.S. steel and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. But this isn't the only high-end brand offered through a new online ammo retailer, All About Bullets. The new website exclusively features two other brands: G9 Defense and The AR-Takedown Tool. G9 Defense is a leader in creating specialized munitions for the civilian market and military and law enforcement, with a variety of ammunition in the most popular rifle and handgun calibers. Hunting and gun enthusiasts alike will find these brands and more through the new online business that specializes in offering high-quality ammunition and gun accessories.

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