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If you’re in the market for a tool that simplifies tedious tasks when it comes to your firearm, the AR TAKEDOWN Tool is perfect. No larger than a writing pen, the AR-15 tool can provide more than 5000 PSI when required, perfect for dealing with any firearm.

When you’re looking for the best firearm tool created and released for 2022, the AR-15 Takedown tool is what you need.

Patented Revolutionary Technology

There aren’t many tools available in the market today that can remove pins from various firearms with ease. However, the AR-15 Takedown tool uses patented technology that helps remove and assemble pins without using clunky tools.

This kind of revolutionary technology hasn’t been present in the firearms industry for decades, which is why the AR-15 Takedown tool is so unique. There is no other product available that can provide the same performance as the AR-15 Takedown tool.

Removing Pins With Ease

The AR-15 Takedown tool is thoroughly adept at removing and assembling:

  • Takedown Pins

  • Trigger Pins

  • Detent Pins

  • Pressure Pins

  • Pivot Pins

  • Cotter Pins

Not only these, but the AR-15 Takedown tool can also handle other pins without any hassle. When you’re tired of using the conventional gunsmith tools, it’s time for an upgrade. This pinto pin tool can remove any pin type and install AR-15 parts within 15 to 20 seconds!

Uniquely Designed

While the AR-15 Takedown tool is the size of a regular writing pen, that’s not all that you’ll find. This uniquely designed tool enables you to have a stable and firm grip while you’re removing pins.

You don’t need to spend hours with a hammer or any other tool when you’re using this tool. When you’re looking to shorten the time it takes to remove pins or access the interior of your firearm, using this tool is ideal. Regardless of what AR platforms you are looking to use this pin tool for, it is versatile.

No Damage

Hammers, punches, mallets, and other clunky tools used to traditionally disassemble firearms and remove pins can be damaging. They can lead to multiple dents and scratches on your firearm’s exterior. Over time, this structural damage can shorten the lifespan of your firearm.

The patented brass tips and easy controllability of the tool make it easier for you to use without causing even a scratch on your firearm. When you’re looking for an easy way to remove pins from firearms without causing any undue damage, the unique design of the AR-15 Takedown tool comes in handy.

Efficient and Easily Controlled

Unlike hammers and punches that can tend to get out of control fairly quickly, you will find that the AR-15 Takedown tool is much easier to control. You can easily disassemble firearms and their pins without any loss in efficiency.

Many people dread the pivot pin installation on their AR-15, but this pin tool for AR-15 will ensure that you can set up your AR-15 in no time at all! It is ideal even for beginners, making it efficient for all types of firearm users.

Quality and Durability

When you’re looking for a quality tool that will last you for years, the AR-15 Takedown tool is ideal. It comes with an extended warranty that ensures that your product is eligible for replacement even if you do face a problem. The premium brass and metal used in this tool ensure that you can use it daily without facing any problems.

If you’ve purchased online ammo and are wondering how to install it into your firearm, using the AR-15 takedown tool to help you out can make it much more manageable.

Made in the USA

Supporting the local economy is essential, and we ensure that at every stage. Everything from the metal to the assembly and packaging is done locally. We believe in aiding and supporting local businesses, first responders, law enforcement agencies, and active military duty here in the USA.

Ensure that you can proudly support local businesses as well when you’re deciding to buy the AR-15 takedown tool. Perform a complete field strip of your AR platforms within 20 seconds when you’re using this tool to do so. Ensure ease of performance and efficiency when all you need is this one tool to make it happen!

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