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Welcome to The TAKEDOWN TOOLS™, the premier destination for innovative and user-friendly firearm tools. Born in the Pacific Northwest, our journey began with a pressing need within the firearms market for efficient, damage-free tools. Recognizing the limitations of traditional roll pin punches, gun cleaning tools, and Gun Smithing products, & pivot pin tools, we set out to revolutionize the industry.

Our founder's experience with outdated tools and the subsequent damage to his firearm led to the creation of The AR-TAKEDOWN TOOL™. Utilizing Hammerless Technology™ and durable brass construction, our tools ensure a seamless and safe takedown process, protecting your firearm’s integrity.

Through relentless innovation and rigorous testing, we have developed a comprehensive line of takedown tools for every firearm platform. Each product in our line is 100% USA-made, Berry Compliant, reflecting our commitment to quality and domestic manufacturing.

At THE TAKEDOWN TOOLS™, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for The United States Military, Law Enforcement, firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike. Explore our range and experience the difference of our meticulously engineered, high-performance tools.



Our mission has always been to bring value to an industry in which we love and are passionate about. But to also bring something to market that is TRULY 100% USA made all the way from the manufacturing and materials to the packaging. Supporting local business is our mission and we believe many other Americans feel the same. Especially in a time where materials are hard to find, you can always count on The Takedown Tools to be 100% USA MADE and supporting US jobs