How Often Should You Fieldstrip Your Firearm: Using the Takedown Tool

by Jonathan Clausen on May 03, 2024

How Often Should You Fieldstrip Your Firearm: Using the Takedown Tool

How Often Should You Fieldstrip Your Firearm: Using the Takedown Tool


Whether you’re on the range enjoying a sunny afternoon with a fully dressed target or perfecting your sights for field-ready firearm use upon deployment, having your weapon at optimal performance through preventive firearm maintenance is a necessity. The last thing you want to happen is advancing to protect your squad and experiencing a misfire or malfunction.


Field stripping is a crucial step in preventing such firearm issues. Having the skills and necessary equipment through well-known gun cleaning kits keeps your weapon working when you need it most. While most military and veteran owners understand the importance of field stripping, reviewing some key reasons is always a good idea so all our readers get the most out of their firearms.


What is Field Stripping?


Field stripping is more of a military term, but it means to breakdown your weapon, in this case something in the M4-AR15 family, all the way to its most essential components. Some people may call this gun cleaning or maintaining a firearm.


The goal is to remove any dirt, debris, or moisture (that last one is a big kicker) from preventing the full operation of your weapon. As a general rule of thumb, you would use a gun cleaning kit to quickly field strip your weapon every 30 days. This involves disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling your weapon (take out necessary parts to clean and reinsert).


That rule changes drastically depending on whether you are a sports enthusiast or dealing with numerous combat theater needs. In those rare cases, you may field strip every half hour or only once a week. As long as you can ensure you have a reliable firing point and your ammo is secure, you can adjust the frequency of using firearm tools to field strip based on your needs.


What Do You Need to Field Strip a Weapon?


The idea behind field stripping a weapon is that you should only need the essentials. This way, you are combat-ready as quickly as possible without rushing around or tripping over too much gear in an intense situation.


In most cases, you’ll want the following for proper firearm maintenance:


Your weapon (M4-AR15)
A clean, dry work area
Small pivot tool (like the Takedown Tool)
Additional lubricants (oils)
Soft towel for extra cleaning


The challenge is finding the right gun smithing tools for getting into the nooks and crannies. Dealing with the trigger pins or buffer and spring without proper tools can be a massive hassle, especially if you have been in the field for a while and have rougher hands (even worse in colder climates).


Integrating the AR-Takedown Tool into FieldStripping


The easiest way to keep your weapon in optimal condition is using the 100% USA-made Takedown Tool for field stripping. Instead of carrying around a larger pack or adding unnecessary equipment to your already full rucksack, you have an all-in-one solution for quick gun cleaning.


Weighing only 2oz, this 10-in-1 field stripping solution comes with brass ends to break down your weapon quickly and easily. This includes removing takedown pins, trigger pins, detent pin, buffer and spring, and bolt. The 5000-psi force allows for a much smoother disassembly of the weapon’s internal mechanism due to the brass end being threaded in heat-treated black oxide steel. When the spring is fully engaged, you easily replace heavier tool punches, mallets, or other items that take up way too much precious space and weight allowance.


Final Thoughts


Owning a weapon is a serious responsibility. Keeping that firearm in the best condition so it is always ready is the sign of a true warrior who appreciates the power of their tools. Using a gun cleaning product like the Takedown Tool allows you to replace all firearm tools that may be cumbersome on your vacations, trips, or tours.


Pick up any of our made-in-the-USA Takedown Tools for your sporting, competition, or service needs. This product is a fantastic way to get the confidence you need that every time you pick up your weapon, it is ready to go. We’ve also put up an immersive instructional video that answers any other questions you may have about the power, ease, and reliability of this must-have addition to your firearm gear.




How long can a gun go without cleaning?

An excellent place to start with firearm maintenance is field stripping at least every 30 days, but ideally, you want to clean your firearm after every use for optimal performance. The specific schedule will depend on your unique needs and situation.


What happens if you never clean a gun?

Without field stripping your weapon, you leave the internal parts and mechanism susceptible to dirt, debris, and moisture that can end with a misfire or malfunction.


Is it OK to clean guns with WD40?

This will depend on the specific weapon you are using. Always consult your instructor or manual before choosing a particular product for oiling your firearm.

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