The Press Release about The Takedown Tools April 3rd 2023

by Christiana Briana on Jun 06, 2023

The Press Release about The Takedown Tools April 3rd 2023

AR-TT LLC, makers of the award-winning AR Takedown Tool, a revolutionary all-in-one tool that allows gun owners to field strip their AR in seconds, is taking the gun cleaning market by storm.

APRIL 3, SPOKANE, WASHINGTON — AR-TT LLC, a pioneer in designing cutting-edge firearms tools, and designer and maker of the AR Takedown Tool is revolutionising the gun cleaning market with its range of firearms tools and quality apparel. 

AR-TT is a company that cares about its community and local economy. Everything, from the metal assembly of its tools to product packaging is done locally. The company is an active supporter of local businesses, first responders, law enforcement agencies, and those on active military duty. With products made right here in the USA and a huge following of loyal customers, it's easy to see why AR-TT is become a global leader in designing and distributing innovative products in the firearms and ammo market. 

Home of the Amazing AR Takedown Tool

Voted the Number 1 New Invention at Shot Show 2022, the AR Takedown Tool is the only tool AR-15 enthusiasts need to completely disassemble their rifles quickly and easily. Small enough to slip into a pocket or pouch but tough enough to tackle every pin on an AR-15, the AR Takedown Tool is convenient, efficient, and easy to use. It's just one of the many brilliant tools in the AR-TT range. 

While the AR Takedown Tool weighs just 2oz, it delivers 5000 PSI of spring-loaded power at its tip. Simply set it up over the pin, draw the spring back and let it go to release the pin. And all without marring the body of the gun or causing any internal damage. But that's not all. The Takedown Tool also makes installing the dreaded pivot pin easier and more efficient. The AR Takedown Tool is entirely made in the United States from U.S. steel and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. 

"Takedown Tool is at the cutting edge of American ingenuity and just one of the products we're proud to offer our patrons," said a spokesperson from AR-TT LLC. "We recognize that AR enthusiasts are always looking for those gamechanging tools and accessories that make owning an AR-15 a pleasure and never a chore. From helping our customers to clean and dismantle their firearms with ease to ensuring they look the part out on the range and around town with our branded apparel, we aim to bring the best products to our customers at all times." 

Announcing the GET SPRUNG Apparel Line

Not content with innovating the firearms tools market, AR-TT has just released the coolest range of branded apparel on its website. Featuring hats, tees, tanks, bikinis, and more, the GET SPRUNG range is for customers who love the brand and know what's what when it comes to quality firearms tools and accessories. 

About AR-TT 

AR-TT LLC, a family-owned and operated company in Spokane, Washington, has been a trusted leader in the firearm and ammo market for years. From firearms tools and accessories to quality apparel, the company offers a wide selection of products on its website. 

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