The Full Story

The AR-TAKEDOWN TOOL ™ was invented in the pacific northwest due to a need in the firearm market. This firearms and sporting goods industry comes out with 'new ideas', 'old ideas' and some terrible ideas, also some brilliant ideas constantly. It all begun because I bought a standard "roll pin" & "Pivot Pin" tool from my local sporting goods store to swap out some lower and upper receiver parts. Not only is this archaic technology, but also requiring multiple tools and I damaged my lower quite bad trying to remove some of those tighter tolerance pins. This is when I began working on the idea with unitizing Hammerless Technology™. Also using brass so that the firearm didn't get damaged. Through many prototypes and obstacles we came up with the simple yet sleek & powerful The AR-Takedown Tool ™. We now have come out with an entire tool line, by The Takedown Tools for EVERY SINGLE firearm platform. ALL 100% USA Made



Our mission has always been to bring value to an industry in which we love and are passionate about. But to also bring something to market that is TRULY 100% USA made all the way from the manufacturing and materials to the packaging. Supporting local business is our mission and we believe many other Americans feel the same. Especially in a time where materials are hard to find, you can always count on The AR-Takedown Tool to be 100% USA MADE