The AR-Takedown Tool 5 Piece Gun Smith Set - AR TakeDown Tool (AR-TT)
The Takedown Tools AR-TT Gun Smith Set - AR TakeDown Tool
(AR-TT) 5 piece Gun Smith Set -The AR TakeDown Tool

The AR-Takedown 5 piece Gunsmithing Set

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The AR-Takedown Tool 5 Piece Gun Smith Set - AR TakeDown Tool (AR-TT)

The AR-Takedown 5 piece Gunsmithing Set


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This revolutionary set comes with 5 tools and is necessary to have in your gun cleaning kit. The AR-Takedown Tool (ARTT)

Each tool is spring loaded generating over 5000psi. Use on M16-M4-AR-15-M249 firearms and other rifle and pistol brands including Glock, Sig Sauer, Springfield, Beretta, Springfield, SW (Smith and Wesson), Colt, Ruger, FN, HK (Heckler and Koch), Kimber, Browning and more. These tools work seamlessly for installing, cleaning and preventative maintenance for all different kinds of firearms. All are lightweight, black oxide and heat treated. 

Roll out your gun cleaning mat, pull out the gun cleaning patches and get to work! We highly recommend pairing this kit with our favorite gun cleaner: The Boar Products. Check out our Gunsmithing set that comes with a bottle of the Boar!

Featured tools in this kit:

The AR Takedown Tool- The AR Takedown Tool weighs 2oz and is made specifically for the M4-AR15 Firearm platform. Every gun owner needs this in their gun cleaning kit! Roll out your gun cleaning mat and get to work with ease. This tool assists with cleaning-preventative maintenance, disassembly and assembly of the pressure pins -Buffer spring, trigger pins, detent pins, magazine release, bolt, takedown pins and more. 

The 1/8 inch Roll pin starter with AK tool (5/32 inch steel pin, 1-3/8 inch long)  We recommend this tool for AK’s.

The 5/64 inch steel Roll pin punch 7/8 inch long with 5/64 inch roll pin starter. 

The 3/32 inch brass punch 1-3/8 inch long with Brass Hammer. The brass is a softer metal which is great for installing sights on all firearms.

The 1/16 inch steel punch 1-3/8 inch long with Nylon Hammer. This tool works great for pistols.

 The roll pin starters are used for Gas block, bolt release and trigger guard pins. The Brass and steel punch are for smaller pin assembly and disassembly, including taking apart pistol uppers and bolts. Proudly made in the USA!

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Specs of The AR-TT

The AR-Takedown Tool (AR-TT)

- weight is only 58 grams, under 3oz

-Length: 6 5/16"

-Diameter 1/2"

-This is the ONLY USA made gun smithing tool, gun cleaning tool, building tool, disable tool on the market.