•Removes and assembles the Takedown Pins
•Removes and assembles the Trigger Pins
•Removes and assembles the Detent Pins
•Removes and assembles the Pressure pins
•Removes and assembles the Pivot Pins
•Removes and assembles the Cotter pins & More

The AR-Takedown Tool is the most revolutionary firearm tool created in decades. This single tool, no larger than a writing pen has over 5000 PSI when needed. The AR-Takedown tool replaces all those old pivot pin tools, pin punches, roll pins, mallets, hands etc. One of the core foundations of The AR-TT company is that we will only use Steel & Brass are all USA made, The assembly & Manufacturing is all done in the USA, even the packaging and printing are made & done locally. 
We believe in supporting our local businesses, our first responders, law enforcement agencies, veterans & active duty military and the USA