Clausen Inc: Ideating and Piloting Multiple Business Diversifications

by Jonathan Clausen on May 04, 2024

In the world of business, diversification plays a keen role in propelling businesses toward success. In such cases, entrepreneurs play a vast role in strategizing holistic ideas to help diversify a business in the preferable and suitable field.

In 2021, Jonathan Clausen (CEO) established Clausen Inc as he wanted to have a corporate holding company that would be able to penetrate multiple markets and most importantly, to leave a legacy. With Clausen Inc, he wanted to be able to offer a complete package to investors and other companies to affiliate with.


Venturing into Leadership Community

At the young age of 19, Jonathan started a regional painting company. With endless effort and sacrifice, his painting business became one of the most recognized in the Pacific Northwest. Above all, Jonathan’s true passion resides in the 2A industry. After endless years with his 2A business aspirations on the back burner, his hobby soon turned into a booming business. AAG was born and acquired its FFL 07 & 08 within the first year. Jonathan attended Spokane Falls community college and then Eastern Washington University for Accounting while running his painting company and raising a family. He has been an influence and leader in the community, coaching his kid’s football team and leading his company through turbulent business cycles.

Offering Various Realms of Business

Jonathan’s passion became more real when he invented the AR Takedown Tool in late 2021. This was Jonathan’s first experience stepping into a national market. Fast forward to 2022 and the tool was officially released is where we established traction at the national level. Currently, Jonathan is spearheading at the forefront and leading by example.

Clausen Inc provides many offerings to different realms of businesses. From regional painting and construction to national branding and releasing revolutionary technology in the 2A market. “The company has been founded on the basic principle that a handshake is worth more than a signature. The best business deal is done when both parties win,” adds Jonathan

Leading by an Example

With a unique leadership style, Jonathan effectively manages employees, often people twice his age, and helps shape the way he leads. He is firm in his direction yet holds deep compassion and recognizes members of his team are also real people. On fire for growth, he is everyone’s biggest cheerleader and owns a room with his electric personality that will draw even the skeptics to him. Jonathan’s confidence and passion for what he does will excite anyone who listens. Following through on what he agrees to, even if it means he has to lose, is what separates him from the rest. Moreover, integrity drives his relentless will to win.

Additionally, Jonathan is the leader of multiple companies, with many roles determined throughout each company. His most prominent roles are delegation, sales as well as global marketing strategies. With a dynamic leadership style, Jonathan leads the fantastic team of Clausen Inc. Expressing gratitude towards the team, he adds, “I would not be where I am today without the team that consistently shows up for the common goal of success.” Each of Clausen’s key employees has unique skills which are accentuated with each job role. They consist of mainly close friends and family members. Jonathan ensures motivation by being very visionary with huge goals and implementing systems to ensure maximum productivity.

Penetrating Multiple Industries in the Market

Speaking of the company’s diverse clientele portfolio, Clausen Inc has been able to penetrate multiple industries owing to the diversity of markets. The company capitalizes on a few strategies to ensure customer satisfaction. It focuses on its products being 100% made in the USA while supporting as many local companies as possible. In the construction sector, Clausen Inc focuses on high-end residential homes as well as commercial projects. In its other e-commerce businesses, the company offers top-quality products at competitive pricing. “Clausen Inc thrives on innovation and revolutionary technology to enhance people’s lives,” asserts Jonathan.

At Clausen Inc, customer satisfaction is a top priority, and being 100% made in the USA guarantees customer satisfaction. In Jonathan’s opinion, there is no growth without feedback whether it is good or bad. He adds, “Our goal is to become a better version of ourselves than the day prior.” With that being told, satisfying reviews from painting customers have helped Clausen Inc elevate to higher levels of success. The company values each customer’s feedback, usually positive news due to their firm belief in the product.

Envisioning the Timeline of Business

Speaking of the evolving business and industrial scenario, there are several industries, according to Jonathan, the company is involved which has changed in the past few years. He further elaborates how starting various companies during the pandemic helped the company perceive the changes happening in and around the industry. Jonathan adds trends such as the increase in online spending, raw material, and supply chain issues had an effect on some businesses. However, he adds how the construction business thrived with the huge increase of people moving to the Pacific Northwest. “Our online ammo company succeeded because of the volatile political upheavals which impulsively made people purchase supplies. This in relation to the growth in e-commerce allowed us to start other businesses as well,” he remarks.

Proliferative Business Vision

Speaking of the company’s future goals, Jonathan adds that there are two main goals—internal and external. On one hand, the external goals will be able to help aligned companies succeed and grow in the concerned industries. Simultaneously, the company is also working with several; leading distributors to carry its products. On the other hand, Clausen Inc is perfecting its processes and systems and establishing marketing guidelines that will become revolutionary with its out-of-the-box strategies. “Our goal is to streamline our warehouse and continue to use and determine advanced technology,” concludes Jonathan.

“Here at Clausen Inc. we have a diverse portfolio of businesses that have served the Pacific Northwest for nearly 15 years.”

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